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6 Must-Have 1950s Vintage Style Dresses You Need To Bring Back Glamorous Vintage Fashion

For fashion tragics like me living in a post-modern 21st century is great! Fashion-wise pretty much anything goes. So, if you still have your belted-cardigans and parachute pants, hold onto them, with a slither of luck even they (may) come back in fashion. But you and I know that just because something is popular or trending this doesn't, in '50s parlance,chrome-plateawet-rag. So while fashion trends can change at the speed of social media 'Likes' there will always be a timeless charm to the big, beautiful Rockabilly dresses of the 1950s. Here are my 6 must-have vintage style dresses inspired by the 1950s which will blast you back to 'Fat City' and a time that was far out. 1 - The iconic silhouette of the 1950's was theA-Line.Cinched waists, full dresses to capture the classic, hourglass figure. Add a pair of matching gloves and you werecookin’!
Classic cocktail dress from Vintage Style Redux
2 - The iconic style was theappliqué.This was a design or image sewn on…