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Child's Play - What Technology Cannot Replace

The other week my son asked me "Dad, when I'm older, maybe 10, can I have an iPad?" As a very active, passionate and spontaneous 4 1/2 year old boy I was a little taken back by how thoughtfully and respectfully he asked the question. My reply was "Yes. You will probably will need an iPad for school when you're 10." And that was the end of the conversation.

In that rare moment of silence one has with 3 children under five, my childhood flashed before my eyes, prompting the question "What educational values of toys has technology replaced?" What joys of climbing trees or playing with wooden toys has been traded for the swipe of an oleophobic glass screen.

As a parent of a soon to be five year old, a two year old and a 2month hold, my wife and I have been vigilant to minimize "screen time" for our kids. But as the years fly by the screen time has slowly crept up from 20mins a week to once or twice, or thrice on the weekends... and those tim…